“It is these moments we share together that change us forever”–unknown

…so I was going through my life in pictures, the old & the new and I realised how much moments I had failed to understand at the time I had them, until now when some of these moments are no more. These Moments of impact, Moments of change, Moments of laughter, Moments of love, Moments of happiness, Moments of sadness, Moments of words unspoken, Moments of emotions unexpressed, Moments of thoughts unwritten.

These moments, are moments that are inscribed in my heart forever, these moments I’ll carry on forever, these moments are moments of hope together, these are moments of friendly and emotional relationships, moments that I’ll cherish forever. Life brought us together, life also made us dissever but these moments keep us together. Together we move faster, together we are smarter, together our ways are smoother, together we are achievers.

Does this sound like a poem? May be

Does this sound like a story? May be

Does this sound like an article? May be.

This I know, that these are words spoken, emotions expressed and thoughts written.  If you do not look closely, you may not understand these moments but pay attention you will understand later. More moments to come and to share.

The MOMENTS of a budding lawyer



…Love is not enough

“Love comes to everyone unexpected and is experienced in different manners but this I know, to be in love is a choice”-Itunu E.Ajana

I wouldn’t bore you with what Love is and what it entails, when it comes to Love everyone has its own meaning to it, there has and will not be one generalized meaning to Love, one thing that I will say if asked to define Love is that God  is Love and in as much as everyone experience God in different ways so is Love… When it is about Love everybody’s got a story.

Some few weeks  ago, my friend and I was having a discussion on Relationships and Love, it got a point she said “…..after all there is love”. I replied and said to her love is not enough. This might seem untrue and heartbreaking but this is the truth.

Bollywood tell us that love is a sweet reaction in your brain that instigates feelings of happiness, passion and butterflies. Truly Love can be that but expecting your relationship to be based on that..smh then be prepared to experience a bit of reality shocker, as a matter of fact describing Love as a feeling is an understatement there is more to love than just the feeling- Love is not a feeling, its an Art, an art of which makes it importantly an Act of will, the choice to commit ones life to that one other person.(this will be discussed some other time).

If Love is not enough in a relationship,what then makes a complete dose, Feelings and Respect. There is a popular saying that men are moved by sight while women are moved by words. The sight in my term is the Respect while the words is the feelings. Respect to man is to:

  • Respect his desire to protect and provide
  • Respect his desire to lead and counsel
  • Respect his desire for sexual intimacy
  • Respect his desire for trust
  • Respect his feelings

Feelings to a woman is all about needs and wants:

  • Her need for commitment and understanding
  • Her need for openness and closeness
  • She want you to say “I’m sorry” genuinely
  • She want you to honor and cherish her
  • She want you to respect her feelings

You cant merely say you love someone without portraying these attitudes towards one another what then signifies the love? When all is said and gone Love is all that will be left but what is love without Respect and Feelings.

Welcome|Bienvenue|Bienvenenida|Ekabo|Akwaaba to my blog


“One cant always tell the exact moment when relationships and love are forged but this I can tell you…to love is to grow”-Itunu.E.Ajana

It is of much enthusiasm and of great pleasure for me to share with you my opinions, experiences and thoughts on relationships and love…. I created this blog not because I have a perfect relationship or have had the best love stories but because I believe even though there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, you can always make it work, and you can be perfect in certain scenes in your relationship. I believe that together we can share our thoughts, opinions and experiences which can help us build and grow in our relationships.

Many thanks to God for the inspiration of this and thanks to talkingstalyf.wordpress.com for helping me out, its actually my first time here. May we all value and gain something of importance every time we spend together.

A warm welcome to you once again.

Please note that this will be a monthly archive for now, would share something before this month runs out though.